Something they don’t tell you often enough when preparing for interviews: it depends.

The outcome, that is, depends on so many factors, and it’s hard to get a grasp on why the company decided the way they did, especially when they don’t offer you the job.

My advice would be: don’t look for reasons why you got rejected, but do look for areas where you could improve.

Many companies can’t give you a straightforward reason why you’ve been rejected. It’s often not in their best interests, and sometimes the reasons have very little to do with your abilities and skill…

Last week, in a job interview, the HR guy on the other end of our video call asked me: “You’ve done all this interesting stuff, and now you want to be a software developer? Are you crazy!?”

I’m not sure if the idea was to catch me off guard or not, but it did. I was prepared for the question of why I wanted to shift to a career in software development, after already shifting from a career in agriculture to education, but I wasn’t quite prepared for his exaggerated interrogation.

I admitted to him that, yes, I probably was…

Vince Canger

Lifelong learner. Software Developer. Skateboarder. Music Lover. 🐪

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